BE ACTIVATED – Level 1 ‘ The Douglas Heel Method’

International CPD Course
Presented by: Carel Wildenboer
SAPS accredited for Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Biokineticists and Personal trainers.
16 CPD + 9 pre-reading points (Total 25 Points)

Be Activated is a fast and accurate method of pin-pointing the root cause of breakdowns or dysfunctions in your client’s body.

With activations we reset the nervous system by correcting breathing and movement patterns, dramatically influencing the body and mind. This allows for the body to move in the way it was designed to. When we fire a 123 pattern, breathing, posture and movement become effortless.

Expected results:

Sportsmen:  Improved performance, reduced injury risk and improved mental strength.

Standard person: Improved posture, effective training, reduced pain and fatigue.  Less anxiety and stress.

Elderly: Improved muscle control, balance and function and reduced pain.

Children: Improved posture, correct movement patterns - dramatically reducing future overload, pain and injuries.

Too often we focus on the area of the pain instead of addressing the cause.


Activation Points

The Activation Points used are specific areas or regions that are targeted, based on our muscle tests.
We use hands-on techniques to stimulate reflexes and release tight, collapsed soft tissue in the body. These areas are generally different from the area of pain or injury.

On Be Activated - level 1, you will ...

  • Learn to evaluate movement patterns using the 123 principle, allowing you to predict specific overload patterns and injuries. When we can predict it, we can prevent it or at least address the root cause of existing injury and overload.
  • Learn to identify inhibited muscles and understand how this is often the underlying cause of overload elsewhere.
  • Learn 14 simple muscles tests to use before and after intervention.
  • Learn to address postural issues quick and effectively (when we use our muscles correctly posture changes immediately).
  • Learn to optimise training and rehabilitation by correcting muscle firing patterns before your client trains.
  • Learn to use these techniques immediately with most of your patients, as there is a huge benefit to all.
  • Learn to dramatically improve performance and reduce injuries of both social and elite sportsmen.
  • Learn to stimulate reflexes and release shortened fascia to allow for the body to move more efficiently.
  • Learn to empower your clients by giving them an understanding of their dysfunction and teaching them simple techniques to maintain optimal function.
  • Learn to quickly & easily plan treatments based on the results of each movement pattern within each Be Activated zone.
  • Learn to get immediate, long term and predictable improvement with your clients.
  • See your business grow by addressing the cause of injuries and dysfunction.

At Level 1 you’ll learn the basic concepts of Be Activated

We’ll consider the body’s response to stress which explains why so many patients and clients may have recurring aches, pains, and injuries.

You’ll be guided through the Activation sequenced treatment process, from the trunk through to the lower and upper limbs. Restoring the body to a relaxed and optimal state.
You’ll get to experience every concept and activation yourself. There is lots of time to practice and ask questions allowing you to really integrate and ingrain the system.

You will leave feeling fully equipped to apply these techniques with your clients, confident in achieving lasting results. 
These techniques offer an incredibly powerful toolkit that is not confined to your work environment; they can be applied anywhere at any time. Clients get taught to take control of their own condition.

The course gets practical and hands-on in the afternoon of Day 1, and throughout most of Day 2.

And for those that want to learn more…. there is always LEVEL 2!

The Be Activated system is driven by results. The results you will feel and see will change the way you work!