‘The Douglas Heel Method’

International CPD course

Presented by Douglas Heel - assisted by Carel Wildenboer

SASP accreditation – to be confirmed

The Level 2 workshop builds on the principles and philosophies of Level 1 with added content and techniques.

Level 2 content includes selected topics and techniques that are tailored to each specific group of attendees. Typically, topics may include: 

  • Self-activation sequences
  • Additional activation points for slings 
  • Lateral, Posterior & Anterior slings
  • Diaphragm, habitual patterns, dysfunction & injury
  • Breathing independent of kinetic chain patterns
  • Mammalian Dive Reflex
  • Visual Field Stress Response
  • Proximal and distal psoas activations in standing and in hip flexion
  • Ribs-to-Iliac-Crest activation patterns, dysfunctions, & techniques
  • Be activated zones – patterns, injuries & acute conditions
  • Jaw, Pterygoid, & Tongue as central drivers
  • Intra-oral techniques
  • Transformational Zone dysfunction
  • Expansion techniques of the rib cage, ribs to pelvis and pelvis 
  • As well as, revisiting, fine-tuning, and correcting inhibited and facilitated muscles and kinetic chain patterns   

Time to gain more understanding of the power and value of Be Activated as an assessment and treatment method.