Be Activated

‘The Douglas Heel Method’

Basic Principles

The Be Activated system is a powerful new understanding of the body. By using the Be Activated techniques you will see the body transform from a defensive, imploded state into one that is powerful and explosive. It is used effectively with a wide scope of clients including children, the elderly, social and elite sports men, business men and office workers.

When the body moves optimally, we fire what we call a 123-movement pattern. Here, movement is initiated in zone I, followed by zone 2 and then zone 3. When the body fires an optimal 123 pattern it allows for the body to expand as it’s moving, allowing the body to perform optimally. This means more speed, strength, agility, balance and endurance. It also means less overload, less pain, less fatigue and improved mental abilities.

However, most of us, including most elite athletes, fire various compensation movement patterns. These compensation patterns cause implosion of the body which reduces performance and massively increases overload and risk of injury. In these compensation patterns the body initiates movement and breathing from either zone 2 or 3. Besides the negative effect on performance, it leads to overload of the structures of zone 2 and 3. Over time this leads to injuries and pain.

With the Be Activated system we are able to identify these compensation patters. This allows for us to very accurately predict the injury risk areas for athletes. By using activation techniques, we are able to restore a normal 123 pattern, allowing for immediate increase in performance and reduced risk of injury.

When we teach the Be Activated principles, the aim is always to empower our clients, athletes and coaches by showing them how their bodies move very differently to what they think. When we understand our compensation patterns, we can learn to control it. We teach simple techniques to help the body maintain a 123 pattern.

Unfortunately, when we train, we still use our compensation patterns. Therefore, it is not the solution to changing our pattern. This leads to less effective training and more overload.  Our aim is to have our clients and athletes fire a 123 pattern more often. When we are firing a 123 pattern, all the hours of dedicated training leads to more results

more often.  When we are firing a 123 pattern, all the hours of dedicated training leads to more results and less injury and pain.

Clients, athletes and coaches learn to stimulate various activation reflexes on the body. Some of these areas are reflexes that stimulate the nervous system and increase the nerve innervations to the correct muscles at the right time. With other activations, we aim to remove the soft tissue (fascia) shortening that is limiting the body in moving correctly.


The Be Activated system allows for the body to move the way it was intended to. The right muscle performing it’s designed task at the right time. We see remarkable results, whether it is working with the everyday office worker or the social and elite sportsmen.

Activations are used with great success in many conditions including, but not limited to: chronic pain (headache, lower back and neck pain); persistent injuries; overuse injuries (including plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, Achilles tendinopathies, shin splints); TMJ dysfunction; acute injuries; neurological conditions; respiratory complications. Where ineffective movement or breathing is the underlying cause of reduced performance, overload, pain and injury - Be Activated is indicated. When we restore the way in which the body is supposed to move, it leads to massive improvement on various levels.

These techniques have been successfully used with many high level sports teams and groups as well as individual athletes such as the Springboks, Blue Bulls, Sharks, Miami Dolphins (American football), Galaxy Football (Soccer), Grigora Athletics, Drakensberg Boys Choir, etc.

When our bodies are driven by a compensation pattern, it is directly linked to our nervous system functioning in an overloaded state. This affects various other mental aspects of clients and athletes. When we restore a 123 pattern, we also get the nervous system to function in a more relaxed state. This dramatically affects one’s mental state in both life and sport.