Be Activated Introduction

This is a short 4 -6 hour workshop to allow you to see and experience some basic philosophy, demonstrations, evaluation- and treatment techniques.

If you are interested but unsure if you want to attend our full weekend courses, this is an ideal opportunity to gain some insight into the fascinating world of activations. Have a look at what we do, see the dramatic changes we can achieve on others and feel the incredible shifts within your own body.

Topics to be covered on our Introduction course may include:

  • Basic principles and philosophies
  • Discussion and demonstration of a normal 123 movement pattern and how our bodies compensate to survive in the modern world.
  • Breathing, the Diaphragm and its integral role in normal existence
  • Demonstration of a few basic activation techniques
  • Time to practice and ask questions
  • Opportunity to sign up for Level 1 at a reduced price

Come and have a look at the incredible results one could achieve in a short time. Looking forward to meeting you on one of our workshops!

Be Educated-Be123-Be Activated