The Activation Clinic was opened in Melbourne Australia in 2020. This physiotherapy clinic has a specific focus on using activation therapy in order to make a long-term difference in our client’s lives.

Carel has combines his training and 15 years of experience as a physiotherapist with his passion for activation therapy to provide a holistic treatment approach for each individual client. 

At The Activation Clinic we believe in….

  • Treating the root cause of injuries and dysfunction, in order to achieve long term results.
  • Combining traditional physiotherapy with the Be Activated approach to improve results.
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of exercise and training through activations.
  • Educating our clients, to understand why their bodies break down, and how they can take control of their own health.
  • Spending time with our clients, which is why our sessions are standardly 50min long.
  • Working with our hands on our clients. By stimulating the nervous system and removing physical soft tissue restrictions in the body, we aim to restore a normal movement pattern.
  • Improve physical and mental performance, by restoring and maintaining a normal 123 movement.
  • Limiting and preventing injuries by correcting movement.
  • Treating our clients as a whole. We recognise the important connection between the mind and the body, and that we need to consider both in order restore function.
  • Adding value with all that we do

Clients are seen on an appointment basis only.

For more information please contact our Clinic in Melbourne

M: 0426 575 939