I did it recently and it has totally changed my treatment methods.
Carel is a excellent tutor.
Do yourself and your clients a favour ?
Interesting content that works immediately. Worthwhile course
Suggest that practitioners attend course 1 for themselves and then re-do course 1 to begin to work. Breakthrough in yourself will help sustain your career in the future
Thanks for putting the spring back into my step. Feel like “tigger”.
I feel that the Be Activated course provides a new way of thinking and approaching a patient which is invaluable and appeals to the most natural way for the body to function. This will change my approach and treatment with patients.
This course answered questions I didn’t know I had. I understand my own body more – I can now help others. Thank you.
Wow! What a mind blow! We need more of this. Much more. More help in trying to integrate it into our practices.
Incredible & life changing course. I embrace the changes I need to make in my work with my clients. Cannot wait for Level 2.
Absolutely fantastic course! It’s amazing to see how the body can respond so rapidly just from releasing / activating muscle & fascia.
It is very simple but well informed course. Best Course I have attended! FUN FUN FUN!
This was definitely one of the most interesting courses I have done. It has boggled my mind & I can’t wait to go and practice.
Incredibly interesting/ mind blowing content! Have really seen how this course is going to complement my current patient treatment and how it can benefit them. Can’t wait to start using it in my practice!
If this is not the edge I was looking for... then please show me!
I have learnt more than I ever thought I would. I enjoyed the energy around the course
Thanks for the great work & teaching….I physically, mentally and emotionally feel so awesome!
I love this treatment technique…Strength now feels effortless & accessible
Insightful and very integrated course. Highly enjoyed the experience and the educational sessions. The course compliments a holistic approach which makes the approach applicable in diverse disciplines. This is an affective and efficient hands on course, which shows functional changes immediately, apart from other aspects