My experience with Carel and Be Activated has been absolutely amazing.

Towards the end of my competitive career in 2011, with a very worn out and injury ridden body,I was introduced to someone who had attended the Douglas Heel course. She performed the activations weekly for around 6 weeks and then taught me how to perform some of them on myself. I know now that whether I realised it or not back then, those same activations allowed me to continue performing at the highest level and extended my career for 2 years.


Fast forward to 2019 (6 years after deciding to retire from competitive Strongman, and now the business owner of Strength Club the leading Strength Coach in SA )-I met Carel Wildenboer by chance. I saw Carel where he performed 4 activation sessions over 4 weeks on myself. Over the weeks I could feel my worn out and broken body (well that’s how I felt at the time) transform and feel less and less strained until I started to feel more like an athlete and less like an old crock.

Fast forward another 6 months and I have now completed my level 1 BeActivated course and have already helped many of my top level athletes feel more alive than ever and totally smash their previous best lifts.

Now at 42 years old I feel like I could actually get back onto the platform with my Team and lift at the highest level once again.

Thanks Carel and BeActivated.


Rory Scheepers

Multiple South African Powerlifting record holder

3 x SA Strongest man u105kg

3 x World Strongest man u105kg finalist.

Owner and Head Coach of Strength Club

“Talk about changing your life and the way that you view Physiotherapy for ever.”


Prior to seeing Carel and having his muscle activation treatment I had been having physiotherapy on average every 2-3 weeks.  For 14 years, since a serious car accident lead to me having a broken C5, I had woken up with bad headaches most days.  Even though I went for Physiotherapy it only lasted a couple of days before they would begin to flare up again.  Neurosurgeons had told me that I was just so lucky to have regained movement in my body and not completely paralysed.  They feel that surgical intervention was just too risky, so I resigned myself to a life of headaches, grateful for what I had.


Finally in 2019 I decided to go and see Carel as I had heard so much about his muscle activation and the success rates he had.  It was life changing, after seeing him once a week for a month I never looked back.  I began having Physiotherapy once every 3-4 months.  Whilst my neck will never be completely aligned again, I have 100% range of movement and live in the freedom of no headaches.  I am back at gym doing a range of classes and even some weight training again.  Having learnt how to re-program my body and how to self activate, it has given me so much freedom and more strength in my body.  I can now carry my baby around freely without pain and strain.  I cannot recommend Carel and his treatments enough to people, you will never look back on your overall physical health and strength. 

I am now 63 and although I don’t race anymore, I ride my bike most days of the week. I love the exercise, riding the latest equipment and basically ensuring that I enter retirement years in the best possible shape. I don’t really have any injury other that a stiff neck every 9 or so months which everyone puts it down to Stress. After hearing a very interesting talk by Carel I decided to try this Be Activated treatment. What a difference almost from day one, more power on the bike, no stiff neck or shoulder and almost feel like a teenager again.

The results speak for themselves!

I have known Carel since 2007 when he was a one man practice and successfully treated lymphedema of my right arm following surgery to my right breast and lymph node removal as part of breast cancer treatment.

Over the years I have seen Carel grow and develop his practice to the large practice it now is at the Hillcrest private hospital.

Most recently I suffered a bad break to my right arm requiring surgery to stabilize the bones. Carel provided the post operation rehabilitation enabling me to return to my career as a professional dressage rider, in a very short 8 weeks.

As I am 64 years old, Carel introduced me to his muscle activation system of healing which enabled me to become far more stable through my core, ultimately resulting in winning the Kwa Zulu Natal (Provincial) championships for 2019. What was so remarkable was that this took a mere 6 weeks to achieve.

I can highly recommend Carel Wildenboer as a talented Physio and healer and wish him the very best and every success for the future.

I had done muscle activation with Carel previously and at a recap session he mentioned his work on field of vision. As a child I had been diagnosed with monocular vision and gone through corrective eye surgery. Even so I have always had a slightly lazy left eye and my parents were told my hand eye coordination would be affected. 

I somehow learnt to compensate and played many ball sports and now in my 40s primarily play squash.  I am reasonably competitive but as a left hander I’ve always had a weakness on high overheads shots to my left. 

I went through the field of vision activation with Carel. To say it was a strange experience would be an understatement. Bearing in mind I hadn’t told him the precise challenge I had he went through a bunch of diagnostic checks. When he tested for my upper left field he picked up a definite reaction.  He did the related activation and off I went. 

The impact has been nothing short of remarkable. I am playing high forehand volleys like never before. I used to clean miss them!  Now I’m hitting with pace and accuracy even off the side walls which was always a terrible weakness. 

I highly recommend both muscle activation and field of vision activation.